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Helping Foundation in Vaishali Nagar - Jaipur

Social work is a just cause for which the youth identifies the deprived or the needy section of the society and jointly and cooperatively reaches out to cater to their needs. Helping out, making provision and giving a reason to them to smile.

We in our homes have an ease to everything. The things we need to eat, the things which entertain us, the things which we do not realize may be a luxury to the deprived. We usually forget to give that a thought. When was the last time you remember giving a second thought to throwing away something that you no longer required or that did not make you happy anymore?

Well the above is weaved into a story based on real efforts of the Samarthan Helping Foundation. Samarthan Helping Foundation is functional in the social service space from the last one and a half years. The team is working out from Chitrakoot, a locality near Vaishali Nagar in the city of Jaipur.

Things in our home turn into waste over a period of time, which eventually end up being thrown away by us. Second thoughts are never usually put into these things that can benefit others. Some people can actually make use of our thrown away things and be content with them.

Samarthan Helping Foundation plays the role of a helping hand here, where it being an organization of willful helpers assemble the useless material or material and things that people no longer require and distribute the same to needy and deprived people.

Where books are to school, toys to orphanages and clothes to old age homes:

Samarthan Helping Foundation gathers old books, toys, old clothes etc. from the neighbouring societies. After this, the team sits down to clean these old and used items and packs them to bring them to a state where they can be re-used readily by needy people. These collected items are distributed then amongst people; old books are donated to government schools, toys go the orphanages where little kids can be made happy and cheerful and old clothes are donated to old age homes.

The foundation is working aggressively towards child education for they believe that that is primary and must in every child’s life. Lack of facilities deprives little kids in their education process.

Samarthan Helping Foundation also focuses on social awareness issues and caters to helping in every way and giving their every bit. Some bold activities that they run are:

  • Making drinking water available for people by installing mini and traditional water plants installed. (E.g.: pyaau –a water booth etc.)
  • Awareness for feticide (fetus suicide) and bringing about a change to reduce these activities by social awareness and educating the people about its consequences, legal and otherwise.
  • Performance of nukkad natak to pass on social messages to the masses.
  • Plantation of plants and trees time to time.

Taking on the path of social media:

The organization is not far behind when it comes to being located on social media. The organization has a social media handle in its name where campaigns and marketing are done and on a fair level to connect and communicate with the public and to bring together useful items or waste items from people.

The organization is run by the cooperative efforts of many individuals. Kapil Sharma, one of the members of the organization expresses that the organization consists of someone who handles the engineering domain, then there are people who are handling the marketing domain. Some names of people who are an integral part of the organization are that of Mr. Akash Paliwal, Mr. Veer Bahadur, Mr. Pashupati, Mr. Umakant and Mr. Arjun.

It has rightly been quoted by some legendary people:

  • “No one has ever become poor by giving.” 
    ― Anne Frank
  • “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” 
    ― John Holmes

 Contact Detail - 9680422236


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