5 Small Changes to make in your Daily Routine for a Healthier Life

In today’s scenario, almost everyone is running around a bustling lifestyle, with no time to actually take care of your body and health.  But then, health is something which if avoided for long, can land you into serious troubles. It may seem very difficult to follow strict health regimes and exercise routines. So, here we bring you 5 small steps that you can incorporate in different arenas of your daily routine to be a ‘healthier you’!

At Your Workplace

If you have a desk job, you might be spending a good number of hours sitting in that chair at your workplace. It may seem formidable to think of staying fit at your workplace but, it’s not that strenuous. Here is how you can stay fit by making few small changes to your work routine.

Choose water over other drinks

Office life does addict most people to beverages and drinks such as tea, coffee or soda. But you must not forget how excess of coffee or soda can take a toll on your system. Caffeine can cause insomnia while soda can cause dehydration in the long run. So, bring a little change to your routine and opt for more of water over other beverages. Water is not only healthier but will help you in working more efficiently.

Say ‘no’ to those free treats

The candies, cookies, chips and snacks like that may be just too tempting to deny but, you must show some control on such temptations. Choose to keep nutritious, healthy nuts or fruits handy and have them during those small urges to eat something.

Move around

Though a desk job asks for numerous hours of sitting but do ensure to take a few minutes off, leave your chair and move around. It is important to change postures to relax your muscles every now and then, so as to avoid any serious health risks in the long run.

Keep your work desk clean

Your work desk, mouse, keyboard and phone might carry thousands of germs that can turn you sick. Ensure regular cleaning of your work desk with a good disinfectant so as to wipe off any infectious microbes and prevent the risk of falling sick.

Relieve your stress and relax

It is quite natural to get stressed at work because of the pressure to perform well or due to office politics. But, as well-known – stress can have deteriorating effects on your health. Take a few minutes out to do practice deep breathing, do slight self-massage, take a walk or listen to your favourite track and just decompress.

At Home

Those who spend all day at home mostly do not follow any set routine. They can stay in bed till late, skip breakfasts, spend a lot of hours with their gadgets and keep postponing all health and fitness plans. Even the elderly need to bring small changes in their everyday routine for a healthier, fuller life. Here is what you can start with.

Maintain your sleep cycle

Maintain a healthy, fixed sleep pattern. Try to keep your sleeping hours constant. Do not stay awake till late at night. The sleep you get at night cannot be covered by sleeping for hours during the day so keep your naps short.

Go shopping to your nearby market

While the trend of online shopping is increasing with time, shopping online only increases the amount of time you spend on your laptop’s screen. It is advisable to walk out and shop from your nearby marketplace at least twice a week rather than getting everything delivered to your home. A short walk to the market is healthy after all.

Cook fresh and healthy

Sometimes you may feel lazy to cook and just feel like ordering some food for yourself. Don’t fall into the trap. Get up, play around with the stuff you have in your kitchen and eat freshly prepared, nutritious food. Try to add salads and green veggies to your diet.

Do your house chores on your own

You can turn on your favourite playlist and do your house chores yourself. Cleaning the house and doing other chores can actually be a good working out session. It can help you stay fit and in shape.

Keep a pet

Pets like dogs and kittens help in relieving stress and enhancing your mental well-being. Having pets at home is also good for boosting up your immune system, reduce risks of allergies and prevent anxiety. Plus keeping a pet makes you more caring and compassionate.

For your Kids

Kids are more prone to infections, allergies and falling sick. It is important for you as a parent to ensure the well-being of your kid and encourage them to eat healthy and to put their days to some good use. If you are struggling hard to keep your kids healthy and active then this one is for you.

Encourage them to keep a hobby

Encourage your kids to keep a hobby – something they really like doing, such as dancing, playing some instrument or playing their favourite sport (may be cricket, basketball, badminton or any other). Getting engaged in some sort of physical active will keep them active and will also be good for their health.

Limit the time they spend watching TV

Prolonged exposure to the TV screen or the computer screen can lead to obesity problems, poor eyesight and can also negatively affect their mental growth. It is therefore, important to keep a check on the amount of time your kids spend watching TV or at computer. Keep the time short to make your kids grow up into healthier, smarter individuals.

Check labels of packaged food

Kids love to eat chips, cookies, cakes and all those snacks that come packed in the market. Most of the times you may have no idea about the calorie intake or the ingredients used in those packaged snacks. Check food labels and make it a point to not let your kids eat anything that uses artificial colours or sweeteners, as these can cause allergies.

Add veggies to their soup

Kids can really trouble you a hell lot when you try to make them eat green vegetables. So, play smart and add fresh veggies to their soup or to their favourite Maggie noodles. Think of more innovative ways to add vegetables to their diet.

Don’t stop them from playing in the sun

Sunlight is an important source of Vitamin D and helps in promoting bone health, which is why getting some sunlight is essential for kids, especially in their growing years. Sunlight also helps in calcium absorption. Also, living all day in artificial lights can harm your kids’ sleep cycle.


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