The Growing Food Fusion Market in Jaipur

Jaipur is trending and diving into the food fusion market – Sounds yummylicious already!

The food market in the Jaipur city is taking a giant leap into experimenting with their menus and dishes.  You are not limited to the same old boring pizza or the same old chaats and kachoris. You are spoilt for choice. Given a wide range of food items to choose from, be ready to be boggled with a fusion of food delights that the Pink City is beginning to offer to its visitors.

Some food fusion instances of the Jaipur food market:

Do not expect the usual of your pyaaz ki kachori or the regular sev puri. Indulge into to foodie delights with the treats of food fusion of Jaipur food market. A modified and fusion version that you can expect the city cafes to offer you is pizza kachori for instance. Sev puri tacos are not far behind to delight your taste buds and leave you finger licking only to want more. Momos or chocolate momos? We say it’s going to be a hard pick as fusion has fused itself into food.

Trending food:

The new trend is to mix the traditional old dishes of the Rajasthani roots with some Western styles. Street food is being fused with other culinary style for a gastronomic. City restaurants are experimenting with cooking styles to offer a different food experience away from the old monotonous one with traditional dishes. Some exquisite delights also take the form of pav bhaji fondue or maybe the bhelpuri bruschetta.

Rolla Wrappa Café:

Combining the typical street food of India, the authentic bhelpuri with the Mexican tacos, how bold can our food menu get? Not hypothetical but it’s a real dish on the menu of a prominent cafe in the Jaipur city. Rolla Wrappa in C-Scheme, Jaipur actually serves this to its visitors. Samosas are prepped in a Chinese way, the spring roll fashion. The traditional chole are dropped from the aloo tikki and instead what is being picked are salsa, jalapeno, cheese and bean sauce to go along with the aloo tikki.

Owner of Rolla Wrappa, Mr. Love Vijayvergia quoted that he has seen that street food is a popular religion amongst the food lovers. This gave him the idea of experimenting street food with firangi food. A firangi touch just adds the icing on the cake to street food. Mixing mexican tacos with sev puri chaat or mixing bunny chow (a popular South African dish) with the street food from Mumbai, kadhi bhaji pav is Mr. Vijayvergia’s idea of food experimenting.

Rolla Wrappa is leading in the list of cafes that are extremely bold enough to try new dishes and offer them to their customers. Mixing the most locale of the ice cream, the chuski or barf ka gola as commonly known as with lemon margarita is definitely a leap into food fusion.

What’s the thought behind this unique food fusion now? Mr. Vijayvergiya adds on that parents are very hesitant in letting their children free to try the barf ka gola at a local kiosk as they fear hygiene issues. Thus, combining the chuski with lemon margarita adds flavour to the dish and gone is the fear of the parents of it being a unhealthy food offering.

Sattviko Premium Dining:

Another lead in the food market that is brave enough to experiment with food fusion is the Sattviko Premium Dining restaurant in Malviya Nagar.  The restaurant is offering gourmet nachos chaat, pav bhaji sticks, mocktail pani puri and a lot more on their food fusion menu.

Owner of the Sattviko Premium Dining restaurant Mr. Sahil Kanjani expressed that “Their idea is to give a fusion twist to the street food and serve it in an appetizing manner." Head chef at the Sattviko Premium Dining restaurant Mr. Vivek Panwar expressed that, “It is a must to give a careful thought to the street food when it comes to mixing its flavours as street food is loved by all." The Sattviko Premium Dining restaurant offers jalapeno and mozzarella kachori which is a modern interweave of the Rajasthan's dal ki kachori.

Hitbhuk Mitbhuk:

One of the most loved and eaten in a jiffy street food or road side food as it can be safely said is gol gappa. Also known as paani puri or puchka, the traditional gol gappas are served with a modern zing in four different flavours at the Hitbhuk Mitbhuk restaurant on Tonk Road in the Jaipur city. Another admired snack is the pakoras. Pakoras are made and served by revolutionizing them with an Italian twist.

Owner of Hitbhuk Mitbhuk restaurant Mr. Arpit Poddar expressed that the way people are developing a taste for different food styles and exotic dishes has changed tremendously over time. People travel and develop an insight and taste for different places and its food. The owner at his restaurant is offering a multiplicity of food fusion dishes. Puchka bites can vouch for this. In puchka bites, the restaurant has experimented with adding the filling of things like sweet corn, pineapple, jalapenos, zucchinis and others. On a similar note, pasta bhel, spaghetti is served in a very miniature size, which is quite similar to murmure that is used in making bhelpuri.
Pasta bhel is served in a way that it mimics bhelpuri. “

Pizza Republic:

Brining the Italian taste to the Jaipur city, Pizza Republic restaurant that’s nestled in Rajapark of the Jaipur city is ahead in the Italian league. Mixing pizza with Jaipur's famed pyaz ki kachori, the Pizza Republic restaurant is serving Pizza Kachori to its customers.

Owner of the restaurant Mr. Bharat Somani expressed that ‘the idea of pizza kachori struck to him by seeing the crispness of the pyaaz ki kachori. This is how he came up with food fusion of pizza kachori. Exotic vegetables, sauces, parmesan cheese and garlic are used in making the pizza. It gives the appearance of a kachori and tastes like a pizza. Pizza Republic restaurant is additionally serving inventive versions of momos, like pizza momos and baked chocolate momos.

Nibs café:

Find yourself at the nibs cafe eating spicy bhelpuri topping on toasted bruschetta. The cafe also serves bhelpuri over pizza base with cheese, and has named the dish as chaupati pizza.

Owner of the cafe, Mr. Sankalp Gupta expressed that they had the desire of including street side food to their menu with a twist of their own cooking style. The team at the café had their own apprehensions about their customers liking food fusion or not, but they received a positive response from their customers. The café plans on increasing its food fusion menu and taking it to the next level.

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