Jaipur Pets get together at Social Pets Meet in the City

Hanging out with friends and socialising with people is very important for humans. But wait? Do pooches too need to meet new friends and play with them? Well, the answer to that is yes. You might have spent loads of money on your furry pal’s accessories and parlour expenses but have you ever wondered what does your dog feel about only seeing you? To answer this, Love Vijayvergia recently organised Dog’s Day Out in the city and we believe that this is one of the best methods to boost confidence of four legged humans.

“They say man is a social animal. But so is the man's best friend! The idea of hosting a pet social-meet was to bring different dogs together at one place and make them mingle with each other. Who doesn't love a nice, friendly dog? This can only happen if we allow our pooches to interact with other canines.Today , we have more responsible canine guardians and caretakers that treat their pets as their family members and don't want to lose them. So they mostly keep them at home and take them out only for walks. As a result, the pooches get cut off from their own kind from a very young age. This leads to behavioural problems. Socialisation helps them to become friendly and outgoing”, said Love Vijayvergiya who recently hosted dogs social meet at his café. At this event, Mr. Love hosted more than twelve pooches and their owners. “I have wanted to organise such a meet for long.First, I thought of organising it at a park so that the dogs get to meet in an open space.But dogs are not allowed in major parks here.Since I have a café, I thought it would be a good idea to host a party here. We had peanut butter soup, pumpkin cake and frozen soya for the pets. Each of them was wearing a tag with their name written on it. They even played musical chairs. They were a few scuffles too, which I believe is natural. But the owners handled that well. Now, I am planning to organise one social meet for pets every month” said Mr. Vijayvergiya, owner of four year old Labrador – Bruno.

Bone Shaped Cakes and Birthday Jazz!

We humans find it really fun to host birthday parties and meet with our friends. The dog owners of Jaipur often view their pets as their family member (obviously! They are!) and throw a birthday bash for them.
“I think hosting a birthday party for your pets is not only a great way to make them feel special, but it also helps them socialise. I didn't know the actual birthday of my dog Tweety . So the day I brought her home became her birth date for me.Even though I already I have two dogs apart from Tweety, I wanted her to meet other dogs and socialise with them. There were seven dogs who attended the party . It was for the first time that Tweety met so many dogs under one roof. It was so much fun to see her mingling with other dogs ­ the party boosted her confidence too. She had a blast and played so many games with her friends”, Said Lovey Gambhir, a resident of Vaishali Nagar. “After the party wrapped up, I gave toys to each and every dog who attended the party”, she added.

It is believed by Jewellery Designer Juhi Lohiya that a dog that socialises lives a longer, happier and healthier life. Ms. Juhi owns a pug named Laila and Nody, English Bull Dog.

“Nody recently turned one and I could make out from his behavior that he was ecstatic to see so many of his furry pals at his birthday party .Laila too was mingling with other pets.My family members' first reaction was, `Iski kya zarurat hai?' But when I told them that it's healthy for our pets to meet new dogs, they agreed. A lot of people in Jaipur are now aware about the social needs of pets”, shared Juhi.

Fall in love with playful side of your pet!

An entrepreneur from Jaipur, Ms. Shanu Saboo took her pet Zorro to the social meet for the very first time and she was amazed and very happy to see this playful side of Zorro.

“I didn't know Zorro was so much fun! I was a bit reluctant initially to take him to a social meet, since I thought having too many dogs at one place might not be a good idea. But I was wrong. Zorro started playing with other dogs in no time. Now I will ensure that he attends all such events on a regular basis”

While some dogs were healthily playing with each other, there were some dogs like Chuski that got scared. Pet parent Tanu Agarwal believes that this fear can be banished only by attending more meets.

Picnics, Swimming Pools and Toys!

A dog behaviourist and owner of three dogs, Ms. Priyanshi Singh hosts many dog picnics in the city. She has used many props and objects to amaze dogs; she has used portable swimming pool, balls and other toys that a dog fancies.
“At a recent picnic, I had invited all my friends and clients who have pets. It was organised in the morning hours when the sunlight wasn't too harsh. I had arranged for dogfriendly snacks like boiled eggs, chicken and biscuits. The socialising window starts when the puppy is three months old. Just like you send a child to school, it's important to expose your puppy or new dog to other friendly dogs to teach them social skills and boost their confidence. The more you confine the dog to his surroundings, the more likely they are to develop negative traits”, shared Priyanshi.

Because Dogs Are Love; Love of Life!


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