Rajasthan Startup Fest 2016: 10 Interesting Problems Every Entrepreneur Faces by Sumit Jain, Co-Founder Common Floor

Sumit Jain, Co-Founder and CEO at graced the inaugural ceremony of the 2-day Rajasthan Startup Fest at JECC, Jaipur on Saturday, November 5, 2016. A pass out from IIT Roorkee, Sumit started his online real-estate portal in 2007 for property seekers. He is also currently the driving force behind


For all those who missed the event, we wouldn’t let you miss what happened there. So, here we bring you what Sumit had to say about entrepreneurship and the problems that entrepreneurs face during the RSF 2016.

Sumit Jain believes that entrepreneurship is not about flying high but is about all the highs and lows. It is not a destination but a journey. It is not a journey that leads to success or failure but a journey that simply goes on.

With this, Sumit Jain took his talk to pointing out the 10 interesting problems every entrepreneur faces. Perhaps these are the problems that actually build up an entrepreneur and are significant for every entrepreneur’s journey.

1. Get result-oriented/return-oriented

On your way to entrepreneurship, you become very much result-oriented or return-oriented. You seldom do anything without thinking of what you’ll get in return. You only call your friends when you have some work, you want them to rate you app or to like your Facebook page.

2. Become shameless

That guy in college you got into a fight with and decided never to talk to ever in life? You call him up and ask him to join your team or to do you a favour just because it is essential for your company’s growth. This is what entrepreneurship does to you – turns your shameless! So, are you shameless? Sumit quotes, “After all, ‘sabse bada rog is kya kahenge log’”.

3. Have a ruined personal life

This is one big yet most underrated issue of every entrepreneur’s life. Working for 14-16 hours every day, they tend to mix their personal and professional life so much that no personal life is left actually. You’ll always find your families, wife, friends, complaining about you having no time for them.


While your venture is important the ones close to you are also important dear entrepreneurs as your company won’t be there to comfort you when you’re ill or it won’t be there to boost your morale when you are feeling low.

4. Have half knowledge

While you think that you know everything, the truth is that you are unaware of something about everything happening around in the company, being the boss.

5. Start believing you are a superman

As an entrepreneur you tend to start believing that you’re a superman with some supernatural powers. You exploit all your body limits working day and night for aggressive success seldom noticing about the ill effects this has on your health and life in the longer run.


6. Be politically correct

You get so used to being politically correct every time that you are no longer ‘you’. You start behaving and talking like another creature and your wife or close pals ask you to talk the way you used to at least when it’s just them around!

7. Follow someone blindly

As aspiring entrepreneurs you often get influenced by people you meet and start following your ideals very blindly, thinking that being like them would bring you success. But actually entrepreneurship is about being you and growing that way.

8. Never satisfied

Entrepreneurship is a journey that keeps you hungry always. You keep chasing your next big target no matter where you reach, you’re never satisfied. The hunger for more only grows.

9. Become a running pamphlet

As an entrepreneur you become a running pamphlet of your company or venture. You are so used to pitching in your company, your services that you introduce yourself with the name of your venture every time. And your friends often speak in frustration, “Yes, Sumit we know you and we know that you are from Common Floor”.

10. Get addicted

An entrepreneur is spoiled for life. You get addicted to being responsible, taking control, striving for excellence and trying out something new every time, of growing day by day.

Sumit interestingly called entrepreneurship as a sweet and salt combination soda with its own fair share of highs and lows, depression and excitement. At the same he advised all aspiring or budding entrepreneurs to look down in their highs and look up during their lows. Excellent advice Sumit!

Jaipur entrepreneurs sure have a lot to learn from these 10 issues talked about by the co-founder of Common Floor. Keep growing Jaipur entrepreneurs!


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