9 Reasons to Visit the Pushkar Camel Fair this Week: Pushkar Mela Starts Today!

What comes to your mind when we speak or hear about the great grand Pushkar festival? Is it the colourful decorations, the giant smiling camels, the amazing sand dunes, the reflecting sun in that chilly winter weather, the cool winds in the night, the hot air balloon rides, the thumping competitions or else the whole scenario just zooms in your head like moving picture?

Well, that’s how enigmatic, powerful, elegant and fused with thrill & excitement is this Pushkar Festival of 2016 - the festival which is being held in Pushkar, starting from 8th to 14th November, 2016.

People are waiting with baited breaths, with erratic heartbeats, with those shining eyes and that burning curiosity for this Pushkar Festival. So, let’s find out the reason, why you SHOULD go and attend this marvellous festival!

1. Visit the Fest for this famous Camel Extravaganza


The fest brings forward several activities including stuff related to the camel, the ship of the desert. It is said to be the world’s largest livestock and camel fair which is held every year. Special stalls are organized and set up with the jewelry and other essentials for the camels. Around 50,000 camels are bought to be traded and sold here in the fest. Everyone would see camels wearing these beautiful silver jewelry and beads. Also, there are silver bells and bangles which are dangling around their necks and legs as they walk, which produce these clicking sounds. Also, there is a special ritual performed, which is piercing the nose of the camels!

2. Give yourselves a Competitive Edge in the festival!


The festival also provides a whole range of amazing and exciting competitions for people to participate in! There is this interesting world famous competition called 'the longest mustache competition', where you can enjoy Rajasthani men donning their huge mustaches. Also, there is a bride-groom contest, tug-of-war, matka-phod contest, turban tying contest and many more which can incite the fun and excitement in you.

3. Take a Dip in the Holy Lake of Lord Brahma

Everyone should take a dip in the holy lake of Lord Brahma who is the creator of the universe. It is said that according to Hindu religion, one should visit the holy place of Pushkar with true devotion and worship then only the salvation is achieved. Also, according to Hindu calendar, this Pushkar Fair commences in November and ends on Purnima in the month of Kartik (which comes in the month of October/November as per the Lunar Calendar). There are people with this universal mutual belief in their hearts to take a dip in this holy lake with utmost respect and belief in the ritual.

4. The Great Livestock Fair & Exhibition


Of course the festival is a big hub of all famous exhibition places for livestock, beautiful Rajasthani dresses, handmade bags and lac bangles, which can get you excited and also get the shopaholic in jumping out in a glee! Also, there are many amazing souvenirs being offered here!

5. The Music Bonanza!

There are many enriching and happening music bands performing and which would accompany you with their music while you indulge yourselves into different activities and other engaging things at the festival. One really should look forward to all the musical bands coming this year!

6. Look out for the Chandrabhaga Fair on 10th Nov, 2016


This auspicious Ekadashi day is the first night of 2016 visit to the Chandrabhaga Fair which is a popular day for all rituals and homily customs. These famous rituals are related to the marriages, which is done as the ancient walled city of Jhalarapatan begins this week. The first group of all the camels and other animals arrive with the farmers and the other villagers from all over the region to attend this. So, one can really enjoy the fest, thrumming with such rituals and festivities!

7. The Famous Rajasthani Dances


The famous Kalbelia dance and other enriching dance forms showcase the Rajasthani feel! This is a really enriching and learning experience for all tourists and Indians to get to know about the Rajasthani culture and its famous dance forms.

8. Go Camping!

Also, the Pushkar festival provides camps and an opportunity to enjoy camp fire nights with your friends and family so that you take back millions of memories.

9. The Famous Rajasthani Dishes

The famous Rajasthani dishes like dal bati churma, Ker Sangri and more are really enjoyed and loved by all people coming from every part of the world.

Know more about the schedule of the Pushkar Fair Festival here


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