Jaipur's First Lady Police Patrol Unit to Check Crimes Against Women

Seeing the increasing rate of crime against women in India, the Jaipur Police has got its first lady police patrol unit, a group of 52 women constables in khakhi, who will patrol various spots of the city on 26 two-wheelers to check cases of sexual harassment in the pink city. This first all woman police patrol unit of Jaipur set on a ride to the pink city on Monday, 1 May 2017 with the aim of not letting anyone who harasses woman get away.


The ladies of this all woman squad of Jaipur have been given extensive training in the month of February to deal with any type of situation that may arise before them. During their training sessions, many of the 52 women squad learnt driving a two-wheeler. they have also been given lessons in martial arts, yoga, horse riding and other modes of combat.

Their ride

The lady police patrol unit will ride on two-wheelers with each vehicle having two cops. The vehicles have been donated by Hero MotoCorps Ltd. The private automobile company has given 110 cc two-wheelers to Jaipur Police Commissionerate. Each of the vehicles come equipped with inbuilt mobile chargers in their carriers. They women squad will also have first aid boxes, battens, wireless systems and flashlights.

Lady Squad to bring down sexual harassment cases

This team of all females has been introduced by the Jaipur Police in order to effectively address the issues that women in Jaipur have been facing. The commissioner of Jaipur Police, Sanjay Agarwal shared that the lady squad will be deployed at several identified places in the city where they are needed the most. The deployment of the first lady police patrol unit in Jaipur is believed to bring down the cases of sexual harassment in the city.

Girls or women in trouble often tend to feel uncomfortable while talking to a male cop. So, these women police officers available at different spots in the city can be of great help in effectively addressing the issues of eve-teasing and other similar issues.Many have called up women helpline Jaipur asking to send the squad at particular locations. 200 spots have been identified in the city of Jaipur where these female officers would be seen working to curb crimes against women. They will not create any scene on the road but will just detain anyone found harassing women without deteriorating the image of Jaipur Police.

The city welcomes its Lady Singhams

This all-woman police squad was seen as an instant hit with city women. groups of youth who indulge in passing lewd comments and eve-teasing near girls schools and colleges have suddenly disappeared finding these Lady Singhams deployed at all such spots. Many are finding this lady squad in Jaipur similar to the Anti-Romeo Squad in Uttar Pradesh.

Many girls and women have called them at their control room and the Garima helpline number - 7891091111 to ask us to deploy these teams at specific areas.

Where can you spot them?

There are a lot of places that have been identified as ideal to deploy the Lady Singhams. Some places to spot the lady police officers in the city are Jawahar Circle, Gaurav Tower, Pink Square Mall, Birla Mandir, Jal Mahal, Statue Circle and Galta Gate. All these spots in the city receive good crowd why made them perfect spots for deploying the lady police officers. The teams have been assigned different check points for patrolling. Some colleges have also been covered to curb cases of eve-teasing.

Earlier, another Rajasthan city, the city of Lakes, Udaipur became the first city in Rajasthan to launch an all woman patrolling unit in October last year. And now Jaipur gets its first lady police patrol unit to combat crime against women in Jaipur.


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