Museums and Galleries

With its rich heritage and culture, the Jaipur city also has a few decent museums and galleries, which exhibit interesting artefacts and antique pieces that interest both visitors and locals.
Visit the top museums and galleries in Jaipur, which attract people with their collection of interesting artefacts.
Walk Through War Museum, which is entirely dedicated to the brave-hearted soldiers, is a great site to spend peaceful, serene evenings in the Jaipur city.
Birla Planetarium Inaugurated by the then Prime Minister if India, Pundit Jawaharlal 29 1962 Birla Planetarium holds a distinct place for the astrology aficionado and space connoisseurs alike
Rajasthan is a state that is profoundly blessed with many accomplished artists who excel in their relevant field of art

Food & Drink

Try Jaipur's world-class food offering, from Royal dining restaurants to cheap fast foods.