Jawahar Kala Kendra: The hub of art and artisans

Rajasthan is a state that is profoundly blessed with many accomplished artists who excel in their relevant field of art. It has been a long tradition in the state to encourage the art and artisans and provide them with the needed financial support; growth opportunities and a platform to show their art to the public. In modern times the need to encourage the regional artisans were given a unique platform to present and display their arts, Jawahar Kala Kendra. The building plan of Jawahar Kala Kendra was prepared the Charles Correa towards the end of last century. The construction starred bb 1986 and was completed by 1991. The plan is closely based on the original city plan of Jaipur and follows the 9 squares where the central square is left open; to match the way the city was planned.

The building is based on concepts of vastu Vidya an ancient Indian principles for Architecture.

So what is special about the architecture of JKK?

The nine planet theme is followed in the construction and each theme characterizes the respective planet as there are different qualities attributed to each of the nine planets as per Indian astrology. For instance, there is a Jupiter gallery and Jupiter is recognized as the planet for learning and intelligence. So a library is housed in this gallery. 

Why is Coffee House of JKK famous?

The famous coffee house of the building offers much more than just a cup of coffee. It is here that some of the most renowned names in their respective field of arts come and discuss the nuances of the contemporary art while the scholars of international reputed come to discuss on some burning issues. People from political reams can also be seen here discussing extensively on political situation right from political turmoil in Bihar to economical problem in Greece. 

The coffee house is decorated with many art worked of highest aesthetic nature. Two major attraction of the place are Jain murals and beautiful intricate painting of the central dome of the building. In fact if you are an intelligent communicator, It is the best platform to have a tete-a-tete with renowned artists and scholars.

What are the platforms provided to showcase the art?

Alankar Museum is the ethnographical art gallery that shows various artworks depicting the heritage of the Rajasthan. There is a vast range of artifacts that represent the pinnacle of beauty and art. Here are 6 more art galleries are used as exhibition centers for exhibiting the artistic work of various local, national and international artists. However it is not just a center for the artists to show their work but they can also actively interact with the audience to know about the impact of their worked and improvements required, It is also used to showcase various joint exhibitions where the artisans of the different countries come and create eth magical pieces of art while learning the ropes of different countries and cultures. It gives an artist a new perspective to look at their art in context of other cultures and countries.

This  2 floored museum shows a permanent exhibition showing the terracotta artifacts, aesthetic  crated pots, noble furniture pieces, Hindu and regional deities and other figures. The carved large sized doors present the best example of creativity. There is also a large collection of artifacts. 

Shilpgram: An art and cultural center with a quaint rural atmosphere instantly attracts the visitors with its innocent simplicity. It has six huts designed following the regional designs of Rajasthan: Brah, Shekhawati, Desert land, Gadoti, Marwar and Tribal. The place is famous for its frequent art and cultural activities. But the best way to visit is between October and Novembers when the diverse Indian cultural traditions and folk arts are celebrated here. Along with various folk activities the place also hosts handicraft exhibition showcasing the handicrafts often different states of India.

Apart from the other activities various dramas and cultural presentations also take place here. 

It has three designated areas called: Madhyavarti, Rangayan and Krishnayan each representing distinctly different form of theater. The theater shows many dramas of local, national and international rerouted. Apart from regional drama, the theater also stages popular dramas based on different themes right from documentary styled serious performances till light hearted comedy. However the selection of dramas is done on merit and only deserving dramas are staged at this reputed platform. The centre also organizes several short courses on drama. 

 Yuva Kalakar Smaroh is periodically organized that act as a common platform for the new artists and hone their skills as well as present their work in from of the world. 

Apart from that there are platforms for Visual art Sudarshan, Sukriti, Surekh, Chaturdik, and Parijat I & II. Apart from exhibitions frequent art camps and workshops are also organized.

Parking Information

  • Parking available
  • Charges – 20-30 rupee per car
  • Contact info – 098281 44299

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