Giving Form And Detailing To Personalities – Experimenting With Mitti in Jaipur

The Art of Clay

Putting life and form and the much required detailing to sand art. Providing a structure to sand, Prajapati, a 30 years old man is a sculptor and a portrait artist by profession. Practice of art and spreading the art by means of training sessions, Prajapati has come this far on his path of art.
Sharing emotions, Prajapati expressed how he has had quite a lot of sufferings in his past. Hardships, lack of proper art training were a routine struggle for him.

Personal life struggles taught Prajapati to extend his knowledge of art to other keen learners and let not any enthusiastic learner be deprived of proper direction, guidance and training. He quotes that many artists do not believe in the spreading of the knowledge of art that they withhold within themselves.

Prajapati by profession constructs portraits out of sand (commonly known as mitti). Numerous legendary artists have been sculptured by his hands. He was here around Sirsi road in Jaipur to deliver a workshop.

Praising his first teacher, his guru – Brother!

Prajapati proclaimed that he found his first teacher in his own brother. Whenever he saw his brother design portraits, his heart took a leap and he wished to do something too. The difference that came in was he wanted his art to be different and unique.

Seeking a way – here and there:

Prajapati did make efforts to learn from different ends but what became a hurdle in his path were the constrained financial conditions of his family. Approach different artists was an option that was next on his mind, but that did not work out too for he could not gain their support.

Hope is what he grew in himself, and he gathered his strength and made up his mind to learn art on his own.

Beginning of his art ventures:

Some things he did for starters were accumulating sand in a bucket from the waste. He started giving form and detailing to wet sand with the help of tools and fixtures. The art that came out started to give Prajapati some commendation and praise. All this gave a boost to the morale of Prajapati and slowly and steadily with his pace and art together, his sand art went a notch higher and he started making portraits.
Laud undoubtedly started flowing in.

A tribute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam:

Idols are made in the heart and tributes are given to them. On the very same note, Prajapati idolized Dr. Kalam and considered him as a motivation and strength to always keep moving ahead in life. Prajapati sketched out the portrait for Dr. Kalam as a tribute on the day the latter passed away. (July 27, 2015)

Ongoing work:

At present, Prajapati is bringing out on canvas the family of the US president Mr. Barack Obama. He reveals that he will travel to the United States of America to gift this portrait to Mr. Obama and his family.

Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan is a project that is on his list too and his is functioning on the same. His idea for this abhiyaan is that the prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi is on the canvas, wherein he is holding a broom reflecting the idea of a clean and green India. He soon plans to gift this portrait to Mr. Modi.

Art seeps into the tinsel town:

Bollywood celebrities have not been bereft of the gift of art from Prajapati. The latter has gifted portraits to many a celebrities and politicians. Popular actor Salman Khan asked Prajapati to spread the knowledge of his art and to benefit other keen learners. The king of bollywood, Shahrukh Khan (commonly abbreviated to SRK) was also left amazed to see the gift of his own portrait.

Prajapati tells that it takes him near about two to three hours to draw up a portrait. To honour and pay his tribute to his idol and the missile man of India, Dr. Kalam, Prajapati drew up his portrait in mere 20 minutes.

People who have been gifted with his art:

People who have had the chance to receive artistic gifts from Prajapati are distinguished names.

  • Bollywood king - Shahrukh Khan
  • Salman Khan
  • Actress Bhagyashree Ji
  • Chief minister of Rajasthan - Vasundhara Raje Ji
  • Former chief minister of Rajasthan – Ashok Gehlot Ji

Prajapati tells about how he visits villages to educate children there about art. He also visits different states time to time to deliver training through art camps. He wishes to spring up more and more artistic minds. On note of spreading and delivering art knowledge, Prajapati did not refrain from expressing that how on account of art teaching many artists mince money and just shadow the blooming talent and wish to remain in the limelight.

Art comes from within – Art must be spread!

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