Rajasthan Government Starts New Domestic Flights Between Major Cities

Taking the dream to fly too high. For the commoners, for the travellers and for the city residents, Supreme Aviation, a company based in the Mumbai city of the country with the support of the state government has the same objective. Planning to launch aeroplanes of a compact and a small size which are said to fairly accommodate 9-12 people at once, these aeroplanes are set to be launched to travel short distances within and the state itself and outside the state too very soon.

If you plan to travel to Jodhpur or Udaipur, you might wish to count on these planes and allow yourself a different experience for these planes will be set on such routes.

Inauguration of air services:

The inauguration of interstate air services is date to take place on July 1, 2016.

Flying six days a week:

In the initial phase of the commencement of these interstate air services which connect Jaipur International Airport to other airports, such planes will fly for 6 days in a week.

At a later stage, after proper analysis of the inflow of passengers and their travel, the frequency of flights is said to be increased.

Phases of service expansion:

In the first phase of delivering these services, the proposed areas in which the air services will be rendered to the customers are well equipped with the primal services.

Such proposed areas and airports at these areas are namely:

  • Jodhpur Airport
  • Udaipur Airport

The second phase of these air services by Supreme Aviation is proposed to be launched after a period of 3 months. This second phase of air services are said to connect the Pink City with places of tourist attraction like Agra, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Kota etc.

Bringing the joy to travel by air the commoners and the residents of the city at reasonable rates is the idea behind this approach.

Providing government aid:

The company behind this idea, Supreme Aviation if turns unfortunate in generating revenue and profits does not shut down, the Rajasthan Government has come up with an alternative idea to resolve this.

Rajasthan government will provide the air service company with Viability Gap Funding per aeronautical kilometer.

Viability Gap Funding (VGF) means a grant that is one-time or deferred and is provided to support infrastructure projects that are economically justified but fall short of financial viability. The lack of financial viability usually arises from long gestation periods and the inability to increase user charges to commercial levels.

Finalisation of the tender:

A tender has to be finalised in favour of the company Supreme Aviation after which in a period of 2-4 days the civil aviation authority of the state government of Rajasthan will sign an agreement with the former mentioned company.

Benefit in cost to the travellers:

The expected benefit arising to the travellers is said to be in terms of cost. At an average cost of INR 2000, a passenger is said to undertake a journey from the Jaipur city to nearby cities like Jodhpur or Udaipur.

Ongoing preparations:

In these ongoing and passing days, a formulation of the rates of the air fare and other air services along with the schedule of the flights that will ply shortly is being prepared.

Government’s say, making the final deal:

To finalise and bring into action these air services for the people, the government was eager to inaugurate and was formulating the action plans since a long time.

Companies which are well established and have regular functional air services prevailing in the economy were also contacted by the government, but the government did not hit a positive deal.

Government’s own tender:

The government decided to come up with and launch its very own aviation policy and connect big cities in the state with these air services and also decided to provide with the Viability Gap Funding.

Amongst the tenders received by the government by the launch of its proposal, Supreme Aviation demanded the lowest Viability Gap Funding to be received from the government and thus hit a positive deal with the government for providing reasonable air services.

Increased frequency and passenger capacity:

After determining the passenger strength, the company expects to also utilise planes with a seating capacity of 16-17 people. Increased passenger strength will also provide the company with the right to increase the frequency of flights.


‘After receiving orders from the chief minister of the state, this service of air travel is being launched in the state. The company has been chosen. The planes will begin to undertake journeys from the commencement of the month of July’ - Captain Kesari Singh, Director of Rajasthan Civil Aviation.


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