Pokemon Go The new buzz in the world of gaming

Pokemon Go, the game that has been talked about much in the previous week. The launch of the game took place in the month of July, 2016. With its download and playing rate going sky high, the users and players are in a rush of gaming spirit and competition to clear its levels and increase their pokemon collection by capturing the pokemon in their pokeball.

Launch of the game in various countries:

The craze of the game is widespread in the world and is increasing at a high rate by every passing hour. Yes, hour!

The game was initially launched in the countries of Australia, United States of America and New Zealand along with 26 other countries.

Playing the Pokemon Go on iOS and Android:

The application store of the iOS and the APK files of the android are helping users all around the world to play and enjoy this game.

Playing spaces:

The parks, colleges, street roads of the city, stadiums and other places can be see vibrant and buzzing with youngsters with their smart phones in their hands like investigators and enjoying the Pokemon Go game.

Playing spaces in Jaipur:

Central Park, Jawahar Circle, Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg (JLN road) and other stadiums in the Jaipur city are full of youngsters competing and playing this reality game.

People can be spotted easily running about here and there in these places and playing in groups or individually to capture the pokemon.

Running here and there to capture the pokemons - Injuring themselves:

This running about here and there is also leading the youngsters to break the traffic rules and injure themselves.

There is a heavy footfall in the parks which leads to easy ways of locating the pokemons. The players of this game can be seen in the free wifi zones of the Jaipur city looking for pokemons like detectives.

And this is what the game lovers of Pokemon Go have to say about their gaming experience:

Jishant Mathur, a student in the second year of his Masters of Journalism and Mass Communication expressed that he has played numerous games like racing, war, brain games and other online games, but the craze like and for Pokemon Go has never been felt before in any other game.

Jishant stated how he visited the Gaurav Tower (GT) in Malviya Nagar of the Jaipur city and began to play the Pokemon Go game.

While playing the game, he saw that a pokemon named ‘Pikachu’ which is considered to be the most powerful pokemon amongst all the pokemons was on the other side of the road. Jishant did not want to miss the opportunity of not capturing the Pikachu. In a thirst to catch the Pikachu, Jishant crossed the jammed road full of vehicles without giving a thought to his safety.

In this mad rush, he was caught into a minor collision with a motorbike.

Jishant faced minor injuries but was finally successful to capture Pikachu in his Pokeball in the Pokemon Go game.

A gaming adventure:

Youngsters and students, Saurabh and Shilpa are siblings in the Polytechnic college of Jaipur. Both the siblings are gaming addicts.

Saurabh expressed that in racing games, he always has a win over Shilpa but in the Pokemon Go game, Shilpa is ahead of Saurabh in capturing pokemons.

To capture pokemons, both the siblings keep visiting the nearby areas along with other places like Central Park, Albert Hall, Jawahar Circle etc. In capturing the pokemons, the siblings often give each other a tough fight.

And that’s how the game is played:

While playing the Pokemon Go game, a pokemon instantaneously appears on your map and pops up.

This leads to a strong vibration in the smart phone.

Pokemons can be spotted with their footsteps.

One can spot the pokemons and click on them to capture them.

On clicking, the pokemon can be successfully captured in the pokeball. Hurray!

Clear the levels of the game and you stand a chance to compete and challenge fellow players.


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