Karva Chauth, which is an auspicious Hindu festival for every married woman in India, is falling on Wednesday, October 19, 2016 this year. It is time for all pretty ladies to observe a sunrise to moonrise fast without any food and water for the safety and long lives of their husbands. Meanwhile, they also pamper themselves, apply mehandi, dress up in traditional attire preferably in red and wait for the moon to rise and their husbands to reach home.

This is something which we all know about Karva Chauth. But there are a few things that not many are aware of about this auspicious festival. So, while you do the preparations for observing the special Karva Chauth fast in Jaipur this year, let’s tell you about some interesting facts that you might not know.

1. What is Karva?

Karva is actually another word for a small earthen pot of water, which the ladies use to worship the moon and later the husbands make them drink water from the same.

2. When is Karva Chauth celebrated?

Karva Chauth is celebrated on the fourth day of the dark-fortnight known as Krishna Paksha in the Hindu month of Kartik every year.

3. Legends of Karva Chauth

It is uncertain how the Karva Chauth festival came into being and how it is celebrated only in the north western part of India. However, there are a few legends associated with the festival. You can read a few stories behind Karva Chauth here

4. Even unmarried girls observe the fast

While everyone says that the Karva Chauth festival is dedicated to couples, especially to the married woman who keep fast for their husbands, let us tell you that Karva Chauth isn’t only about the married ones. Even unmarried girls observe the fast for their fiancés or in the desire of loving husbands.

5. Karva Chauth is a cursed festival for some

While the entire country celebrates Karva Chauth with great pomp and show, there is a village in Mathura where keeping Karva Chauth fast means your husband dies. In the quaint town of Surir in Mathura, it is believed that 300 years ago a man was killed for cattle theft on the day when his wife observed the fast. A tale says that the woman also jumped into her husband’s pyre and cursed the village saying that any woman who observes a fast on Karva Chauth will lose her husband. Afraid of the old curse by that woman, women in this town do not celebrate Karva Chauth till date.

In fact, even if a woman has her normal Wednesday fast on this October 19, she would not keep it as Karva Chauth is falling on the day.

6. Even people in Rajasthan do not observe the fast

This town in Mathura is not the only place where people do not celebrate Karva Chauth. Some areas in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan also do not observe this fast.

7. Modern day Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth is often titled as a day for women to serve their husbands, whom they address as ‘pati parmeshwar’ meaning considering the husbands as Gods. However, many husbands spend the modern day Karva Chauth fasting for their wives to show their love for their beautiful wives.

8. Just nine days more to go for Diwali

Karva Chauth is celebrated like a warm up for the coming festive season of the much-awaited Diwali festival. When you’re fasting for Karva Chauth, remember Diwali is just nine days away. So, basically there is no rest and no day to get bored. The entire week is going to be full of excitement and will keep you busy in shopping, preparations and planning the festivities.

We wish all couples a very happy Karva Chauth. May the day enhance your bond more. Share beautiful pictures from your Karva Chauth festival and get a chance to be featured in our post Karva Chauth post this year. You can send your photographs to


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