This new pop culture of open gyms in Jaipur has made quite a glamorous beginning among the people of Jaipur. Parks in Jaipur have introduced open gyms where Jaipurites can work out in the open amidst greenery. The enriching idea of an open gym is really breathtaking or would say it is like ‘a breath of fresh air’.

What comes to your mind when you hear about ‘open gyms’? The idea of not working out in a closed room but choosing to work out in the open! Yes, it’s surreal. It’s one of the best ideas just like yoga! And it is indeed beneficial to workout in an open gym.

Benefits of working out in an open gym

1. Feel relieved with fresh air around

The fresh air at open gyms in the parks can be very relieving in early mornings and the relaxing evenings. This ensures that work outs don’t stress you and rather make you feel even fresher with the cool breeze around.

2. Get vitamin D

When you choose to exercise out in the open, be it yoga, running or else simply walking with your friends or a relative, the sun rays that fall on you provide you with vitamin D, which is obviously really good for you.

3. A healthy mind

It is a way of getting a fresh and energetic start to your day when you choose to exercise out in the open. Exercising in the open is good for a healthy, calm and refreshed mind.

Two of Jaipur parks have introduced an open gym in their premises. Let’s browse through the two openings of open gyms in the Jaipur city.

Open Gyms in the Jaipur City

1. Open Air Gym in Central Park

Central Park is one of the largest and the most popular parks in the pink city. Hordes of people visit the park every day for morning walks, yoga, laughter sessions, cycling, jogging, running and more. In such a scenario, the Central Park Open Gym is a charming opportunity for all fitness freaks, common people, exercise doers and yoga doers, to go out in the open and burn some calories.

The Open Air Gym in Central Park was introduced by the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) in association with Au Financiers (India) Limited in the interest of public health and fitness. Fitness equipment have been installed and a trainer has also been appointed to provide proper guidance on how to use all equipment and assist people in their daily work out regime. The open air gym is strictly for people above 15 years of age. Timings are 5-8 in the mornings as well as the evenings. And it is absolutely free for now so you can get into shape without emptying your pockets!

Work out in an enriching environment. This regularity, this up beating environment, this motivation and this over-riding emotion which unites people to come together, even if you are a stranger for them, you tend to enjoy this daily work out regime and also feel good about it!

2. The Vaishali Nagar Open Gym

All those fitness exercises, the yoga routines and the poses can now be done in the open, amidst greenery of the parks. The Nursery Circle Park in Vaishali Nagar of Jaipur has introduced an Open Gym allows fitness freaks to practice body fitness exercises in the park with the use of proper fitness training equipment installed here. These equipment came from a Jodhpur based company and the open gymnasium was inaugurated by Mr. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Minister of State for Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, who plans to open 50 more open gymnasiums in the city.

This Open Gym has been opened in public interest. This Vaishali Nagar Open Gym provides everything you need for some good workout regime every day. You should definitely come along and try it out! You would gradually find out the magic which envelops you, once you get a gist of this ‘open gym regime’.

The Upcoming Open Gyms in City!

There is a latest update on the upcoming open gyms in Jaipur. JDA or the Jaipur Development Authority made an announcement that after the amazing success of the open gyms at Central Park and Vaishali Nagar, a set of 20 more open gyms would come up in the city soon. Also, they already did an announcement to open an ‘open gym’ at the Ram Niwas Bagh.

The beginning of open gyms culture is putting all people in a realm of happiness, tranquility and an energetic version of themselves!


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