Unrestricted Operation of JCTSL buses causing Traffic Jam in Walled City

The Metro Construction Work in the walled city of Jaipur has already congested the area. Commuters have hard time even riding their 2 wheelers but the big buses of JCTSL are still running in these areas, further adding to the inconvenience. Even after a direct letter to MD of JCTSL as many as 68 large buses pass through these routes.

A formal meeting was presided by the CM regarding construction of Metro Phase 1 B in walled city. Key officials like Chief Secretary, asst chief secretary (UDH), Asst. Chief Secretary (home ministry), Police Commissioner and even Jaipur collector were involved for assuring the compliance of order. The construction work is taking more time than was expected.

Now the choti chaupar-tripolia and tripolia-bricahupar routes are closed. But the big JCTSL buses are still running on these routes. The then Police official Shriniwas Rai Janga wrote letter to JCTSL MD requesting him to operate small sized buses on these routes in order to avoid congestion and inconvenience, but in vain.

Naresh Sharma the MD of JCTSL said that the delay was caused by the lack of small buses. They JCTSL has already applied for the purchase of new buses and to also included small sized buses. As soon as small sized buses will be ready and introduced its operation will be immediately started in walled city. The commuters will not face any further inconvenience

Local resident Murad Ali said that Metro Project has already resulted in inconvenience and congestion. As if that was not enough, these big JCTSL buses are further shrinking roads. Either you come via HawaMahal or Johari Bazar, even if a single JCTSL bus is ahead of you are forced to drive at crawling speed.

Here are the numbers of buses running on different routes:


 Number of Buses

Route 3 (Bari CHaupar-PratapNagar)


Route AC1 (Sanganer-Kukas AC)


Route AC 5 (Agrawal Farm to Amer AC)


Rote 3A (Choti Chaupar to Sanganer)


Railway Station to Galta-Khole Hanuman Mandir



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The big buses of JCTSL are creating traffic jams in the main city area. Some routes have been officially closed but these buses are still running on restricted routes and causing issues.