Jaipur Bakeries become the new Pokestops in the city; No, It’s NOT what you THINK!

The craze and madness for the Pokémon GO game has not only been limited to the Android game, but it has taken a crazy form in the dessert world of Jaipur as well. Cakes, cupcakes and a lot more; city bakeries and patisseries have been flooded with orders and demands of customers who are enthusiastic to get Pokémon theme cakes being made on special order. Not only you play, you get to eat Pokémon GO themed desserts now!

After catching Pokemons in the Pokeball in every nook and corner of the Jaipur city, Pokémon GO lovers will have their next Pokestop in the form of bakeries. Before you think it’s the real Pokestop, well not really. Bakeries will serve as a Pokestop where you can grab a sweet tasting Pokemon dessert and delight your taste buds with its sweetness. Get your favourite Pokemon created in the form of a theme cake.

Pokemons that are highly demanded in theme cakes

Pokemons that are highly in demand in the form of cakes among Pokemon lovers are Charmander, Pikachu and Meowth. Taking a high, not only these the Pokeball, that’s used to capture these Pokemons is also highly demanded by customers, according to stats shared by different bakery owners in the city.


Being a spendthrift at buying Pokemon GO theme cakes

Pokemon theme cake lovers are so crazy and obsessed with these cakes and other forms of desserts that they do not mind spending lavishly from their pockets. A one pound cake costs around 700 INR, as the bakery owners tell, but the customers are being a spendthrift at this without giving any second thoughts before purchasing their favourite Pokemon desserts.

Bakers share their experiences with Pokemon lovers

Home baker Ms. Urvashi Rathore

Baking at home, Ms. Urvashi Rathore expressed that the interest for Pokemon GO themed birthday cakes has increased in the city amongst the kids mainly as the game has gained tremendous fame and popularity. Ms. home baker recently took an order for a 10 year old child, who wanted his favourite Pokemon being designed in the form of a cake. The child also wanted a Pokeball along with the cake.

Another client of Ms. Urvashi ordered 5 Pokemon themed cupcakes for her children. The cupcakes had Jigglypuff, Snorlax, Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Piplup ­ all made of fondant. The client came to Ms. Urvashi with pictures of all the Pokemons and expressed her desire to get them made in the form of cupcakes.

Ms. Urvashi has been getting a lot of such orders for cakes and cupcakes where she is making cakes and cupcakes in flavours like chocolate truffle and black-forest.


Home Baker Sakshi Jain

Sakshi Jain, another home baker in the city, expressed that after the game has been adored by people in manifolds, Pokémon GO-themed cakes have flooded the Jaipur bakeries. Parents aren’t hesitant at all in spending some extra amount of money and going overboard on such cakes and cupcakes in order to spice up the birthday party celebration of their kids. Ms. Sakshi Jain states that she has made Pikachu cakes earlier while the Pokemon GO game was not a hyped affair, but with every second individual playing the game, the demand for these theme-based cakes has taken a hike of about 40 per cent now. The home baker recently baked a two-tier chocolate truffle cake for a nine-year-old boy, who is an extreme fanatic about the Pokemon GO game. The Pokemon and Pokeball on the cake were made of fondant.

The minimum price that is quoted for making such cakes is 700 INR per pound.

Mr. Mayank Gopalia of Oven The Bakery

The owner of Oven The Bakery, nestled at World Trade Park, Malviya Nagar and Ahinsa Circle, Mr. Mayank Gopalia expressed that cartoon character cakes have always been a favourite and much in demand amongst the kids.


Pokemon GO cakes overrule the passe cakes like Doraemon, Angry Birds, etc. - A few months ago back down the line, it was Angry Birds and Minion-themed cakes that were in vogue, and now it is the Pokémons that have taken the hearts of the little children. This all is to be credited to the success of the Pokémon GO game. At Oven The Bakery, the management has brought into the menu cakes and cupcakes in Pokemon theme. The staff is experimenting and revolutionizing in the flavours at present.

Not only children, adults love it too - Mr. Mayank expresses that positive results in form of admiration and tasting these cakes and cupcakes has not only been a hit with the kids, but with adults as well.

Ms. Pallavi Daga of The Feast

Owner of The Feast, a bakery located at C-Scheme, Ms. Pallavi Daga, expressed from her statistics that regular cakes have become archaic. People now demand cakes with an interesting theme attached in their making. Pokemon seems to be the flavour of the season. Ms. Pallavi recently made cupcakes for a customer who was celebrating his kid's birthday. She expressed that other cartoon characters like Avengers, superheroes and Minions are trending too, but following the Pokémon GO craze, kids and teenagers want these ones only currently.


Mother surprises her son

Rashmi Singh a mother of a 10-year-old lately ordered a Pokemon GO-themed cake for her son's birthday. The mother expressed that for the past two years she has been ordering a Doraemon theme cake for her son’s birthday, but ever since her son got to know about the Pokemon GO game, he made her download the game and he has been playing it. The kind and loving mother was struck with the thought of surprising him with the Pokemon GO theme cake. Her son loved the surprise and even his friends were all cheered up to see the cake.

Ordering for best friend

Shubham Saxena, a college going student, ordered the Pokemon GO-themed cupcakes for his best friend who is obsessed to the game. Shubham adds on that this was the best way to surprise him. The cupcakes had his favourite Pokemon. He was very pleased and the cupcakes tasted extremely good.




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