Self Drive Car company steps into Jaipur car rent market

Don’t own a vehicle? Then calling and booking for cabs/taxi and auto rickshaws must be a practice that you do, religiously or once a while. Cabs/taxi service has been seen to give cent percent results in the Jaipur city. They have been such a major success amongst the common people and are serving to their needs of driving seamlessly and making their drive a hassle free experience. Want to go shopping - then book a cab. Need to bid your family and friends goodbye at the railway or airport - hail a taxi. Need to travel short distances - auto rickshaws are there to that rescue. Say it and modern startups and companies are catering to this pressing need of the man to reach the spot on time in an orderly fashion.

Self Drive Car into the Jaipur car rental market from October 2016:

Rajasthan as a state is going to be blessed with the services of booking a four wheeler (car) on rent very soon. Rent a car and drive it yourself. There will be absolutely no involvement of a third person (driver here) in driving you, which is the case at present when you book a cab/taxi. The driver of the cab/taxi company drives you to your desired location, but here the case is different. What’s more in the kitty? Rent the car and drive it not only in your city or state, but also take it to your desired destination inter-state, which simply means you can also rent the car and drive it outside your state. The car here in this case can be rented for various durations or time period, which boldly ranges from an hour (1 hour) to 7 days (1week). All this has been a concept conceived by a Bengaluru based company named ‘Self Drive Car’ which has stepped into the Jaipur car rental market and the company is already progressing towards its operations successfully. The services mentioned can be availed by the masses of the Jaipur city from the onset of the month of October 2016.


Formalities ongoing:

Self Drive Car has not disclosed its car rental rates before the common public as of now. The company is in the market to offer a simple and modest car and also a luxurious one; however it suits the needs of the person who rents it out. Self Drive Car has obtained a license to operate and to further provide the services of car rental in the Jaipur city. Regional Transport Office (RTO) has been informed of this by the company.

Self Drive Car operational in numerous cities in India:

People in cities like Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) are already blessed to have been serviced with these facilities.

Car rental, insurance, accidental insurance and more:

Petrol, diesel and insurance will be incorporated into the car rental when the person is renting a car. The rent will be concluded in such a manner that fuel is not spent in an amount greater than what the person will pay the rent for. The car will be insured and if due to any reason the vehicle suffers damage, the person renting the car shall not be obliged to pay the amount or suffer any loss. However, in any case if a police action is called for and charges are filed against, it will be the duty and obligation of the person renting the car to meet them.

Car rental on week days and weekends:

Rentals will remain standard in a week from Monday to Friday but during the weekend, it will be pricey to rent a car as the rental rates will shoot up. Comparatively it is projected that in a relationship to the rental rates that will prevail from Monday to Friday; the rental rates that will prevail on Saturday and Sunday will be hiked 40 per cent higher.

Hiked car leasing on festivals and occasions:

On the eve of festivals or on days where car aren’t available in a standard number, the rental will be hiked to twice as high from the standard rental rate.

Self Drive Car: Company brief:

  • The company Self Drive Car began on its car rental services from Bengaluru in the year 2013.
  • They began their journey by procuring 7 cars for rental service.
  • The services of this company are established and are in an operational mode in 7 cities in India.
  • 10 companies are there in the market in this sector of car rental in India.
  • 3200 cars are operating under the rent-a-car-and-drive-yourself service.
  • The company aims to reach 100 cities in India by the end of the year 2017.

Process to book car on rent at Self Drive Car platform:

  • The user will be required to book the car by the medium of a mobile application or a website. Here the user will have to choose the date, time, place and the model of the car.
  • After this, the user/interested rider will have to upload their driving licenses’ copy onto the platform of the car rental company. Here the payment of the security amount will have to be made online.
  • Within a duration of 20 minutes, the user will receive a text message with the details of the car. Here the user will be guided to click on ‘unlock’ and fill in the details for the ride in the provided checklist.
  • When returning the car after the designed duration, the rider will have to fill in the details of the travel/trip that he/she undertook.

Car leasing and slabs:

Car rentals vary from and are designed into three categories:

  • 75-105 INR per hour.
  • 90-140 INR per hour.
  • 120-175 INR per hour.

Luxury cars will have an approximated rental from 205 INR per hour.


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