Get ready to work on the print making and graphic design machines

Good news for artists working in field of graphic design and print making!

Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) is developing graphic studio in the premises. Very soon, artists shall be able do the work related to print making and graphic design here. Currently a panel made up of senior artists are working on creation of archive of graphic studio which shall be presented to the management of JKK. JKK has also sought for recommendations for upgrading the machines from Baroda School of Art.

The matter of graphic studio was raised recently in the meeting organised between artists of state and the JKK related to seeking the recommendations. Management has taken up this matter on a serious note after the meeting.

JKK purchased these machines in 1993 at the time of its establishment and made a graphic studio as well but it could not get started due to which machines became out-dated. Now JKK has prepared plans according to which a technical team shall visit the JKK and study the machines after which it shall provide the recommendation related to upgrading of machines.

What will be the benefits?

The biggest benefit on development of the studio shall be gained by young artists. After studying from school of art, students face a problem in searching for graphic studio. Due to this, many of the students are distracting from this field. After developing the studio, JKK shall organize regular workshops, where the senior artists shall introduce their art to the young artists.

What types of machines shall be kept in the studio?

  1. Litho press – Drawing is done on litho stone sheet and then draft is prepared which is also known as craft machine;
  2. Aching press – Drawing is done on zinc sheet and print outs are taken afterwards and;
  3. Lino press - Drawing is done on rubber sheet and then printouts are taken after preparing the drafts.

What the concerned officials have to say about it?

Anuradha Singh, ADG Technical, JKK – “We have started the proceedings for graphic studio. Artists are creating archive. After upgrading the machines, activities shall be planned for the artists.”

Don’t you think it as a very positive step to create awareness about the art? JKK may also organise workshops for school students wherein students may visit JKK and gain knowledge related to the machines and graphic designing so that it may be helpful for them to shape their careers in the field of graphic designing.


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Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) is developing a graphic studio in its premises, which is good news for artists.