Increasing Number of Road Accidents in Jaipur – What Can be Done?

The number for road accidents in Jaipur and injures caused by them is on rise by every passing year. People are caught in the clutches of severe road accidents merely because of carelessness, non-abiding nature for the laid down traffic rules and other several like reasons.

Reason Behind Most Road Accidents

The major reason that has been found out for road accidents is that most of the people do not put on a helmet as a safety measure or put a helmet of low quality.
In such cases, the law for implementing the use of a helmet and emphasizing its usefulness and the mandatory need for putting it on is being observed.

An Initiative by the West Bengal Government for Public Welfare

The government of West Bengal has taken up a wise step towards bringing down this increasing number of road accidents of two wheelers and has come out with a fine rule.

The Rule States:

The rule states that it is a mandate to check if the rider of a two wheeler is wearing a helmet or not. This check will be done by the officials of the petrol pumps. Petrol will only be provided to the riders of the two wheelers who are wearing a helmet.

Business is our purpose, such rules cannot be followed:

An official named Mr. Sunit Bagai of the Rajasthan Petroleum Dealer Association has been recently heard quoting that petrol pumps are business establishments.
Such business establishments cannot revolve around laws like the one that has been applied by the West Bengal government.

In addition to this, Mr. Sunit Bagai was also heard adding that petrol pumps cannot be forced to follow this rule in lending of petrol to its customers.

Ways that have been thought of to trim down the rising accidental cases of two wheelers on the road are:

Suggestion I:

The first measure is to implement the rule that has been implemented by the government of West Bengal.

  • The rule simply states that petrol must only be given to the rider of a two wheeler vehicle when he is wearing a helmet. In any case otherwise, provision of petrol must not be made to the rider.
  • If there is a pillion rider too on the two wheeler vehicle, then the pillion rider must also be wearing a helmet in addition to the main rider.
  • Petrol under no circumstance should be provided by the staff of the petrol pump to a person who is not outfitted in a helmet.

Suggestion II:

  • When the traffic police generate and charge a challan for an individual while he is caught red handed in driving without a helmet, in greater part of such cases, the person who has been charged of such challan rides his vehicle throughout the day without a helmet.
  • It may be brought to the notice that a person cannot be charged twice in a single day by the traffic police on account of challan. Once a person has been charged of a challan, he cannot be charged again.
  • In light of the above rule, once a person has been charged, the person is free and yet rides without a helmet all day long.
  • To curb such practices, it has been suggested that the traffic police not only charge the individual of a challan, but also provide the defaulter with a helmet after charging them with the challan

A brief summary of the accidents followed by the injury or death caused to an individual; is stated for a period of three recent years:


















Data pertaining to the different petrol pumps and the number of their establishments in Jaipur:

Petrol Pump

Numbers of it established in the city of Jaipur

IOCL - Indian Oil Corporation


HPCL - Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited


BPCL - Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited


Reliance Petroleum



Conditions prevailing in the state: An insight into state traffic and petrol data

  • There are 1000 traffic policemen on duty in the city of Jaipur.
  • There are 415 traffic police points in the city.
  • Out of 415, an approximate of 350 points has traffic policemen on duty at their premises.
  • 200 challans are made on a daily basis for riders who ride without a helmet and for riders who have a poor quality of helmet.
  • Every month, approximately 11000 new two wheelers are sold.
  • There are 125 retailers of helmets in the city.
  • For the year 2016, a number of 70 and more have been stated for the road accidents for two-wheeler vehicles which ultimately have lead to the passing away of the individual.



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